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Success 2018


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George Parris

November 25, 2018

State: Somewhere in Iowa




Date of 2018 Harvest

State: Somewhere in Iowa


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640 x 480 pixels


Date of 2018 Harvest

State: Somewhere in Iowa


Some tips on taking your success photos. Please respect the animal and our readers:

  1. Clean the animal of all blood,

  2. Stick the tongue back in the mouth,

  3. Find a dark background,

  4. For bucks, strive to maintain equal height between the top of your head and the top of the buck's rack,

  5. Don't be afraid of close-ups,

  6. Don't be afraid to use flash, even during the day,

  7. Avoid pickup and garage photos, we have quite a few people request that we don't show them,

  8. Take your deer back out to the field with your buddy or family member, it is a memory that will last your entire lifetime,

  9. Take your time.

  10. Lots and lots of photos.


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