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Success 2016


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Kaleb Reis

January 9, 2017

Somewhere in Iowa

Hey George

I was lucky enough to kill this buck on the 9th of January. Had seen him a few times throughout the year and wanted to kill him. Everything lined up and he came out into the cut bean field just before dark. Had him walk by me at about 45 yards an the ol' Pro Hunter dropped him in his tracks.


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George Parris

December 27, 2016

Somewhere in Iowa

Finally! I got between his bed and the feed and he came my way. My setup was much less than ideal with a southwest wind. He crossed a deep gully on his way out and paused at the only location I had any sort of a shot. He had to walk through my scent stream but for some reason he kept coming. Shot was around 45 yards. I had dialed the rest to 40 yards. Shot hit high in the spine. He ducked at the shot. The next 10 minutes was the biggest cluster you could possibly imagine but the pursuit is complete!

Thanks to Bob, Mike and Adam for the help! I dreaded dropping a deer in the bottom of one of those canyons and the biggest one on the farm to boot! Thanks for strong backs and the inventors of deer carts.

The cameras captured some great photos of my #1 buck the last 6 weeks. The Bushnell Essentials E2 especially captured some great photos.


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Joey Slater

December 4, 2016

Somewhere in Iowa

Hello GP

Had a great 2016 hunting season. Sunday Dec 4 my pumpkin parade group decided to hunt a large timber and I got to block to the west. I have always walked this property, the walkers were almost through when I caught movement coming around a terrace. This large old buck entered the opening at 50 yards. I shot and hit him in the neck, ended up shooting 4 times before he went down. I felt very lucky to have a shot at this old buck. I have a shed of his from 2 years ago, he put on lots of mass. Dec 4th has always been my day for shotgun season, my biggest 3 bucks were taken that day.


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Sam Halverson

December 3, 2016

Somewhere in Iowa

Hey George
I forgot to write something with my pictures I shot this buck saturday the first day of 1st season shotgun. My biggest by far. He had 17 points. I have never seen this deer before or even heard about him.



IMG_0183.PNG (533879 bytes)

Jerome Jensen

December 1, 2016

Somewhere in Iowa

I filled my tag on Thursday.


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Carlan Peters

November 20, 2016

Somewhere in Iowa

Hey GP,
Punched my tag on Nov. 20th . After watching two mature bucks spar for several minutes I had the winner respond to a grunt call , shot him at 5 yards with the Hoyt , he ran about 100 yards and with the help of my son Carson and a few other hunting buddies he was found easily . Not the largest animal I have harvested , but probably the most memorable hunt, thanks to my best friend for allowing me to pursue fair chase hunting on such incredible ground.

Somewhere in Iowa of coarse!
Carlan Peters


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Mark Baier

November 25, 2016

Somewhere in Iowa

George, I was lucky enough to shoot this dandy on November 25th. The story behind this deer I feel is quite unique. My son Drew had him on trail camera this summer and fall and had him patterned pretty well in October. On the night of October 20th, Drew got his opportunity. Unfortunately, he hit him just a touch high and after two hard days of looking was unable to find him. Naturally, he was very disappointed and we didn't know if he was lying dead somewhere or if he had left our hunting area entirely. About 10 days to two weeks ago he started showing up on our cameras again which as you can imagine was very exciting for us. Getting another shot at him was something I had thought about but never guessed would happen. I was in my stand by 6:30 on Friday and started seeing deer immediately. At about 7:15 I had been watching three does worked in behind me, they were down wind and alert. As I glanced back around to the north he was cutting through the brush at about 30 yards. The does behind me spooked and ran off and he froze like a statue for a couple minutes, and then continued on. I drew as he went behind a tree and when he came clear I let it fly. He was quartering away and the shot hit him perfect. He went over a little ridge but ultimately only ran about 30 yards. In 25 years of bow hunting it is one of if not the biggest buck I have shot, but my son being a big part of the story means more to me than the size of the deer. I always assumed that a mature buck like this would head for the hills after getting hit by an arrow, but apparently not always. His wound from Drew's arrow was healing nicely and there was no sign of infection while butchering. They are indeed a strong and resilient animal. I need to thank Drew and Nate for helping me with it and taking some great pictures.


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Joey Slater

November 12, 2016

Somewhere in Iowa

Hi George, Saturday Nov 12th got in my stand later than I wanted to. It was about 6:30, about 7:00 I was thinking about rattling since I had some deer come into rattling already this season, I see a deer coming toward me from the west on the opposite side of the creek, when he gets close enough to see he is a shooter I grabbed my bow and my grunt call, before I had to grunt to get him to my side of the creek he comes over and stops at 25 yards. I'm drawn back and let the arrow fly. He went about 10 yards and fell down the creek bank. I looked at my phone 7:04 wow, that happened quick!! While I sat and waited a doe with twin fawns came through and a nice 2 year old buck with potential came by in the same spot my deer was standing when I shot.


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Sam Halverson

November 4, 2016

Somewhere in Iowa

Hey George, killed my largest whitetail on Friday November 4th. He came out of the timber at 40 yards. He snort wheezed at some small bucks in the field right before I took my shot with my Hoyt Maxxis. I was using the new Ramcat broadheads.

KenP-2016.jpg (109460 bytes)


Ken Pingrey

October 20, 2016

Somewhere in Iowa


Hello GP


October 20th arrived and I was in need of a break! A cold front had blown in from the northwest and at approximately 2:30 that afternoon I bought my 2016 statewide tag. I left work a shade early, my intention was to unwind and let Mother Nature's incredible powers take my tensions away. I chose a good stand for the wind and hooked my safety harness to the tree, it was 4:30. A few minutes later 2 does, each with 2 fawns came my way. They split about 60 yards from me going east and west respectively. A few minutes later I heard a buck rubbing a tree to the north of me. I found him in the binos and was fairly impressed. He worked over a large tree for several minutes, when done he looked around and turned west. When he was behind some buckbrush I grunted 4 times getting more aggressive with each grunt. I heard him coming before I saw him. I was up and bow in hand. 20 seconds later he was 6 yards from the stand and turned slightly. After the shot he went 50 yards and went down. Did this just happen I thought to myself. I checked my phone and it was 5:02. WOW!


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Date of 2016 Harvest

State: Somewhere in Iowa


Some tips on taking your success photos. Please respect the animal and our readers:

  1. Clean the animal of all blood,

  2. Stick the tongue back in the mouth,

  3. Find a dark background,

  4. For bucks, strive to maintain equal height between the top of your head and the top of the buck's rack,

  5. Don't be afraid of close-ups,

  6. Don't be afraid to use flash, even during the day,

  7. Avoid pickup and garage photos, we have quite a few people request that we don't show them,

  8. Take your deer back out to the field with your buddy or family member, it is a memory that will last your entire lifetime,

  9. Take your time.

  10. Lots and lots of photos.


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