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Success 2015

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Drew Baier

First Shotgun 2015

Somewhere in Iowa


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Kaleb Reis

First Shotgun 2015

Somewhere in Iowa

First season shotgun treated me well this year when I tagged this old mature 10 point buck.

Kaleb Reis


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Jake Smith


Somewhere in Iowa

Jake Smith youth muzzle loader, got set up in our old reliable double stand, had some does and some other bucks come by early, we could hear some bucks fighting in the timber behind us and after about ten minutes this guy came walking by. One shot from the smoke pole and he was on the ground! I told Jake that a spine shot was not his best shot that he could of put on this deer, and his response was "well it worked"! He has it down now, he loves the hunt and can't wait to get back out.


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Joey Slater

November 13, 2015

Somewhere in Iowa

Hi George, had a great Friday the 13th morning hunt. Rattled aggressively for about a minute and a small 8 point and this guy came bolting my way. They locked antlers and scurried around for awhile then little buck ran off and came back for more. Now they were 20 yards below my stand behind a tree. I drew and waited for about a minute, then the smaller buck pushed this buck in a shooting lane. I released the arrow and he went 30 yards staggered and fell over. After a few fist pumps and calming down for 25 minutes or so I climbed down since I could see my deer from the stand. It's not my biggest deer to date, but my first with a bow. I know he's not fully mature but after tag soup for 2 years I was proud to take this one. 

Joey Slater

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Nick Siedelman

November 6, 2015

Somewhere in Iowa


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Mark Baier

November 6, 2015

Somewhere in Iowa


Shot this nice buck Friday morning about 7:45. I hit my rattle bag about 5 minutes before I caught him on the move through the timber behind me. I was not sure if I was going to get a shot or not but he stopped to work a scrape at 30-35 yards. I let the arrow fly and I couldn't have hit him any better. He looped around and piled up about 15 yards from my stand. It was a great feeling. From the time I first saw him to the time he expired was about a minute. Thanks to my son Drew for helping me drag him out and taking some great pictures. It's always extra special when I can share the moment with him.


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Drew Baier

October 31, 2015

Somewhere in Iowa

Rattled this buck in on Halloween at 4:30 p.m. Hit him a touch back at 38 yards. Waited until the following morning to pick up the blood trail. The shot was better than expected. Recovery distance was approximately 100 yards. Thanks to my Dad and Nathan to help get this cow out of the woods.


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Scott Sibbel

October 29, 2015

Somewhere in Iowa

Here are a few pictures of the buck I shot on the morning hunt. Mathews DXT bow,
Gold Tip carbon arrow, Slick Trick broadhead, 15 yard shot.
Man I love this time of year!

Scott Sibbel
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Dave Albers

October 17, 2015

Somewhere in Iowa


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Sadie Smith

September 19, 2015

Somewhere in Iowa

Iowa youth season. Once she saw a trail cam photo of this buck she knew it was the one for her.

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Bryce Lambley

September 11, 2015

Somewhere in Nebraska


Long time no see fault, but just seem to be too busy with life. 

Killed a good one Friday. A couple pics included. Killed three last year (two NE, one SD), one very nice (147 or 149 gross, can't remember). Year before that--nothing due to the EHD. More later. Just wanted to drop you a pic. 


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Date of 2015 Harvest

State: Somewhere in Iowa


Some tips on taking your success photos. Please respect the animal and our readers:

  1. Clean the animal of all blood,

  2. Stick the tongue back in the mouth,

  3. Find a dark background,

  4. For bucks, strive to maintain equal height between the top of your head and the top of the buck's rack,

  5. Don't be afraid of close-ups,

  6. Don't be afraid to use flash, even during the day,

  7. Avoid pickup and garage photos, we have quite a few people request that we don't show them,

  8. Take your deer back out to the field with your buddy or family member, it is a memory that will last your entire lifetime,

  9. Take your time.

  10. Lots and lots of photos.


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