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Dean Jackson

January, 2013

Somewhere in Iowa

This isn't the double drop buck I started the year off wanting to shoot. I haven't seen that buck since middle of summer. 58 yards with the smoke pole after 1 hr stalk followed by a long afternoon of solo dragging to get him out.

The things we do in the name of fun!

8 X 4 mature deer with about 20 inches of nontypical antler on his right side.

Mzee Bwana


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Rodney Scott

November 1, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

Hi George my name is Rodney Scott. I shot this buck with my bow on November 1, 2012. I had hunted all day long and had passed on a few smaller buck during the morning hunt. At around 6:15pm, I was watching a small buck on the other side of a cut corn field and thought I would rattle to him to see if he would come in for a closer look. After rattling for 30 sec or so I went to set my antlers down and to my surprise this buck was standing in the field 80yds to the left of my stand. I froze and he continued to walk my way. When he got to 40yds he stopped again and stared in my direction. He then continued to walk my way and at 20yds he stopped and smelled a scent wick I had put out earlier with some doe estrus and gave me a broadside 20yd shot. He ran approximately 120yds across the field and disappeared into the timber and seconds after entering the timber I heard him crash down.

He is a typical main frame 10pt with a unofficial green score of 180 7/8" gross typical and with 3 abnormal pts accounting for 3 3/8" and only 4 5/8" side to side deductions he netted 172 7/8" typical. I shot this buck somewhere in southwest Iowa. I would like to thank and acknowledge a friend of mine Jason with the help in recovering my deer. I realized after shooting this deer, that I had a trail cam pic of him from just out of velvet on September 10, 2012 also. Hope that you can put my success story on Prairie Images.

Thanks Rodney Scott


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Drew Baier

December 3, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

Hey George,

After a couple days of terrible fog I finally connected with a great buck on Monday the 3rd. Did a 2 man push with my cousin on just a 3 acre little timber in open country. 12 does and 3 bucks came out and ran right to me. The picture doesn't do him much justice. He has 25 1/2" beams 19" inside spread and his 2s and 3s are all over 10 inches. Good mass. Will score over 150. He had an infection on his neck, must of caught a tine fighting. He was a little skinny as well. May not of made it thru the winter. A good one to take.

It's been an amazing year that will be very difficult to top.


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Michael Strautman

November 28, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

Michael harvested that buck I had shown you a video of. Story as follows:

We had trail cam pictures of this buck all fall starting in July. He had no growth in the early photos. As the season progressed we noticed a large growth on his brisket and it kept getting larger. We observed him many times and he seemed to act normal and he appeared normal other than the growth. We talked to a DNR biologist and he thought it was a condition called a Hydro cyst. We decided to harvest the deer out of the herd.

Last night I was fortunate to be sitting with Michael and I filmed the hunt. I had Dr. Bryan Becker DVM, perform an autopsy this morning and he said it was a blood clot and probably weighed 30 pounds. It was filled with mostly blood and serum material and there was no odor at all. We decide not to eat the meat.

Thanks a lot for your website
Jim (Strauto) Strautman

P.S. We named him Potato Buck because it looked like he had a sack of potatoes in his chest.

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112512-Buck-16-2.JPG (130669 bytes)

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George Parris

November 25, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

I decided to try a whole new location tonight, close to feed. Well it worked. I really wasn't planning to shoot this buck. I had hundreds of trailcam photos but he had some sort of an injury like a broken leg or similar. His tail kept twitching as he came down the trail. I could tell he was hurting. I decided to end his pain.

The shot was 25 yards and quartering away. The arrow hit back but he was quartering away more than I thought. I watched him lay down and expire 70 yards away.

He isn't near as big as the 5x5 I've been enamored with the last 3 weeks but this buck did not appear to me that he could make it through the winter. I could easily be wrong but the tail twitch to me is a definite indicator that something is wrong.

P1040952_2.JPG (76101 bytes)

Dean Jackson

November, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

Grandpa Dean shot this doe while sitting in the tree-stand with Carson Hilgenberg. It's great hunting with Carson because he has a very keen eye for spotting whitetails.

P1040692_2.JPG (73218 bytes)

Bryan Golay

November, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

Bryan Golay shot his first buck with a bow. Congrats on a fine whitetail! The buck was fighting with a similar sized 8 pointer when Bryan broke up the argument with a well placed arrow.

P1040753_2_2.JPG (118229 bytes)

P1040769_2.JPG (130363 bytes)

Steve Berhow

November 11, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

Steve Berhow put a perfect shot on this ten pointer at 5 yards on November 11th. The buck painted a red highway for 40 yards and concluded the hunt for three skilled hunters from Minnesota.

P1040631_2.JPG (131976 bytes)

P1040637_2.JPG (141603 bytes)

Tony Godlewski

November 9, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

Tony Godlewski shot this fine 9 pointer at 30 yards on November 9th. The buck has more than a 20 inch spread.

DSCN5250_2.JPG (124712 bytes)

P1040589.JPG (141684 bytes)

Brian Wagner

November 7, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

Brian Wagner took this 160 class buck with a well placed double lung shot November 7th.

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Danny Miller

November 12, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa


November 12th was a cold morning, but a great day to be in the deer woods. (any day is for that matter) When this buck came around the farm and was first seen by my hunting partner, I knew that I was going to place a bounty on his head. His unique character with his split G2's and G3's was one thing, but his tall brow tines put this guy on my hit list. The morning started off with many deer in the area and a few small bucks chasing does. Around 7:30 am this deer that I had named "The Devil Buck" came by my tree stand at 27 yards. When I first saw him I immediately turned on my video camera and got ready for him to come into my shooting lane. An attempt to stop him was made by a short grunt which was unsuccessful. I knew that he had his eye on the many does in the field so I let it rip and strategically placed my new Rage Chisel tip broad head directly in front of his rear hind quarter. (not the ideal shot placement on my part) The misplaced arrow hit an artery and the blood came gushing out. The Devil Buck ran about 80 yards down into a creek which was his final resting place. I did however back out for about 3 hours and with the help of four amazing friends the celebration began. The buck ended up scoring right at 170 which is the biggest buck that I have shot with my bow to date. A special thanks goes out to Buddy, Cassie, Brett, and Cordel for their help!

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Dave Albers

November, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

First deer with my bow! I was walking to my stand and I had 2 doe walk out of the pines so I stopped and I didnít seem to bother them. They walked off and I decided not to go to my stand because I went a bit later then I wanted and the wind was blowing from the SW and I didnít want to chase any deer off. So I went down where the doeís came out and backed into a pine tree and I made several doe bleat calls and I could hear a deer coming through the pine trees. This buck walked out in front of me at 20 yards and I made a good shot and it only went across the ditch and went down in the grass clearing. It was a fun and memorable hunt.

 Thanks to Gary and Brian for their help!

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Baier-2012-4.JPG (99892 bytes)

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Baier-2012-trailcam-1.JPG (99823 bytes)

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Baier-2012-trailcam-4.JPG (114962 bytes)

Baier-2012-trailcam-5.JPG (128978 bytes)


Drew Baier

November 6, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa


I shot this buck on November 6th at 4:45 pm. My cousin and I started getting pictures of this deer back in July and got regular pics of him all summer. We pulled cameras at beginning of Sept. when he lost velvet. We called him "BZ" (BuckZilla).

We put a couple cams back up when we started hunting in late Oct. and were happy to see he was still in area.

I hunted this stand on Nov 3rd and at 5:15 pm had a very close encounter with a 160s class buck that I just couldn't get a clear shot on. About 5 minutes after he went over the hill I heard something in corn behind me it was BZ at 30 yds. Behind a tree. Never offering a shot he went north and out of sight. I couldn't figure out how he had snuck behind me.

Nov. 6 I got in the stand at 1:30 pm. Strong NW wind. But I was out of it for the most part. As I stood in that stand looking at where BZ was standing 3 days before, trying to figure out how he snuck by. There's a nice little plumb thicket just east of stand and I wondered if it was possible that I got in stand with him bedded in it, just 50 yds away. At 4:45 pm I was watching to the west at the good cover I was expecting deer to come out of, and I heard a stick snap to the east and there's BZ coming out of the little thicket. He was within 50 yds of me the whole time I was in the stand!!

He was coming in my direction but was going to get by without a shot again. I snort wheezed and he turned to circle down wind. Right at the edge of my shooting lane at 35 yds I stopped him. Quartering away I made a perfect low heart shot. He ran right out in front of me and stopped at about 60 yds out and tipped over.

It was an unbelievable experience with a buck of a lifetime. I have no Idea what he scores or how to score him but it's gonna be up there. He has 10 to 15" broke based off trail cam photos but doesn't matter.

Thanks to my cousin Seth, it was definitely a team effort figuring this guy out and making it happen. I just fortunate to be in right place at right time. Also thanks Dad for taking great pictures and helping me drag him out.

Good luck.

Drew B.

Note: Date on the trail cam is not correct.

P1040464_2_2.JPG (143570 bytes)

P1040480_2.JPG (149482 bytes)

P1040481.JPG (145604 bytes)

P1040486_2.JPG (133313 bytes)

P1040449_2.JPG (89199 bytes)

Ed Johanssen

November, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

Here are some photos of Ed Johansson's buck. Over 200 lb. field dressed 130 class ten pointer taken third day of the hunt. Also his doe taken on day two.


Mzee Bwana

Wanninger-1.jpg (218556 bytes)

Wanninger-2.jpg (188859 bytes)

Nick Wanninger

October 7, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

This is Nicks Buck, he shot him on our first day out this season. Nick is 14 and this is his second buck with his bow, he shot a nice 9 pointer last year. It was late in the afternoon Sunday and we had a half dozen deer around us and it appeared the Rut was definitely on. This 10 pointer appeared across a short valley and up a ridge from where Nick was sitting in his stand. He didnít have a range finder with him so he didnít know the exact yardage, he guessed it at 45 yards but later we shot the distance at 57 yards. His longest pin is set at 30, this was his shot of a life time as it was a heart lung shot, he only ran about 75 yards. He was pretty excited needless to say.

Todd Wanninger

2012archery.jpg (100059 bytes)

175940_4201743195773_1826695390_o.jpg (13377 bytes)

2012-10-079521.31.33.jpg (17419 bytes)

0924122015.jpg (16980 bytes)

Dan Lopez

October 7, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

I had a short season...thought I'd share the pics and story.

October 7, 2012
hunt #1 PM

Got into the stand only to find 3 does/fawns within 30 yards of me. Settled in and within 40 minutes....there were does all over. I watched them for some time snapping pictures of them. Then this buck showed up....watched him for 20-25 minutes (felt like hours) as he fed into my shooting lane. Made a perfect shot.....however, he did not bleed. I was able to recover him sixty-five yard from where he was shot. The buck is a 5 x 7 with a ton of character. He also sported a lot of dried velvet which was hanging and peeling off. I have never filled my tag on the first sit with my target buck! Still cannot believe I am done till gun season (other than does and turkey). Also, this was my first hunt with a crossbow due to arthritis it was also somewhat bitter sweet, due to not being able to use my compound bow.

Noah-2.jpg (92472 bytes)

Noah-1.jpg (54267 bytes)

Noah Seidl

September 22, 2012

Somewhere in Iowa

Here are the pictures, I have been meaning to send, Very good hunt, had a lot of deer moving this morning. Had a bigger 8 point come by but no shot. looked out to the field and a group of deer were coming towards us as we could here some sparring and saw deer making scrapes and knew we had a good chance of killing a deer. I looked down at the time on the camera and saw I had about two minutes left to film. So on and off the camera went for about ten minutes before we finally got a shot on this deer, as I told him not to shoot till I had camera on, I finally got it on and bang, deer ran towards us and all Noah said is "look at the blood coming out of him" and further review of the film showed a perfect shot and he didn't make it 50 yards. Not a video for the TV. but still neat to have it on film, need to work on my filming skills that's for sure!


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Date of 2012 Harvest

State: Somewhere in Iowa


Some tips on taking your success photos. Please respect the animal:

  1. Clean off all the blood,

  2. Stick the tongue back in the mouth,

  3. Find a dark background,

  4. For bucks, strive to maintain equal height between the top of your head and the top of the buck's rack,

  5. Don't be afraid of close-ups,

  6. Don't be afraid to use flash, even during the day,

  7. Avoid pickup and garage photos, we have quite a few people request that we don't show them,

  8. Take your deer back out to the field with your buddy or family member, it is a memory that will last your entire lifetime,

  9. Take your time.


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