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Dan Lopez

November 5, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa

First trail run with new broadheads.   It was my second sit in a new stand location.  20 yard broadside shot 70 yard recovery.  I will stick with the new broadheads.  Taped him out at 170 1/8.  He was my number one buck I was after during the 2010 season.  I saw the buck one time in 2009.  I included trail cam pics, antler pics, and the deer pose pics.

Also included is a pic and my Wyoming mulie.

2010Lateseasonbuck.JPG (80182 bytes)

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2010Lateseasonbuck7.JPG (65122 bytes)

Joel Johnson

December 28, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa


I shot this nice 10 pointer on Tuesday night at roughly 75 yards with a .50 caliber Knight Muzzleloader. He was one of only 2 bucks I saw all night amongst dozens of does and turkeys. I haven’t scored him as of yet, but I hope he will land in the 140’s.

This deer had a serious wound where he had been shot previously this season. The projectile had entered high above his left front shoulder, pulverizing the dorsal process of the vertebrae. The wound had closed under the hide, but was seriously infected and grotesquely swollen above both shoulders. This deer had zero fat reserves and this injury combined with most of the fields being turned under by the plow this fall would have made it difficult for him to survive the winter.

Good luck to the rest of the guys out there still trying to bag a late season buck. Local outfitters are already reporting early antler shedding, and the lack of snow cover is making food easy for the deer to locate. As a result, in this area they are not hitting the fields until later in the evening.


Joel Johnson SSBB

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siedelmann2010-2.jpg (132128 bytes)

Nick Siedelmann

December 11, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa

I got this guy on opening day of second season 12/11. Spent the money and got a new scope on my slug gun this year and it paid off well. He came out of an old dried up pond a ways out in front of me. I saw the height and decided to take the shot, put him down from 150+. The Hornady SST entered just ahead of his hip and crushed the opposite shoulder; one more insurance shot through both lungs with him staggering put him down for good. Didn't even notice the double throat patch until we were taking photo's, a great find to say the least.


Johnson-1.jpg (50784 bytes)

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Joel Johnson

November 20, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa


I scored on Saturday evening after spending over 50 hours in the stand and passing over 60 small bucks. This mature 4 year old 4x4 and 2 other smaller bucks were chasing a yearling fawn, and he came in after I snort-wheezed twice to him. This deer had a great attitude; coming straight to my stand and directly under me, and I was able to put a Rage 2 blade clean through the shoulder blade from a steep angle at 4 yards. The deer ran roughly 150 yards downhill; breaking my arrow off along the way.

This definitely wasn't the biggest buck in the woods, but it was a great encounter, and little meat was wasted in the process! I will be out during the late season and have high hopes for a little more horn once the snow flies.

Thank you,

Joel Johnson SSBB

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2010 New Mexico Elk 001.jpg (93986 bytes)

2010 New Mexico Elk 003.jpg (98617 bytes)

2010 New Mexico Elk 006.jpg (93541 bytes)

Marv Svoboda

November 12, 2010

Somewhere in Nebraska

I shot this buck on November 12, the day before the Nebraska firearm deer season opened. I saw 12 different bucks that morning. I left my stand around 9:30 that morning and went home to get more clothes and take a hot shower to get warmed up. I got back to stand, sat down and looked at my watch and it was 1:45 P.M. At 1:55 P.M., I looked and this buck stepped out of the creek about 80 yards from me and worked a scrape. He then went back into the bottom of the creek and stepped back out, looked around, and then turned and walked away. I could not see him anymore, so I grunted at him about 4 or 5 times and 2 minutes later he came back, looked around and headed straight for my stand. At about 40 yards, he turned and came up the creek bank and was coming in behind me, luckily I had cut a shooting lane where he was headed. I drew back just before he got to the opening and guess what, he stopped behind some trees at 25 yards and started working another scrape. I let down and watched him for about 2 minutes when he decided it was time to walk into my shooting lane. I got drawn on him and when he got to the opening, I grunted at him and let him have it at 25 yards. The arrow broke both shoulders and he went 70 yards where I saw him lay down by tree and expire.

I had a pretty good year with my muzzleloader also this year, antelope in Wyoming, antelope in western Nebraska, and a bull elk in New Mexico.


gp-buck-112010-keepers-01.JPG (259427 bytes)

gp-112010-07.JPG (238610 bytes)

gp-buck-112010-15.JPG (173789 bytes)

gp-buck-112010-19.JPG (267745 bytes)

gp-buck-112010-21.JPG (200882 bytes)

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gp-112010-04.JPG (44558 bytes)

George Parris

November 20, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa

This is #1 (not too original I know). He finally offered me a broadside shot at less than 20 yards. The Full Metal Jacket arrow tipped with a brand new G5 Montec CS zipped right through the buck. I watched him run about 75 yards and slowly lay down. I was afraid to walk over to his location as I feared he would get up and run away.

Needless to say, I have my demons when when it comes to closing the deal on trophy whitetails. The buck is basically an 8x7 whitetail. He may not be the biggest deer around but he sure is my buck of a lifetime. I thought I had him four days ago but he lived through that ordeal.

I took a homerun swing tonight and went to a totally different location. I actually told a very good friend and hunting buddy tonight that I was going on a high risk, high reward hunt and this is who steps out. I couldn't believe it when I first saw him. It was a classic hunt as he walked right down the trail parallel to my ground position. I took my shot as he was walking. I didn't want to risk trying to stop him.

What a climax to my 2010 archery season. I could not have written a better script....with a happy ending of course.

Thanks so much to Dean and Mike. You took wonderful night pictures. To try and load this brute in the Toyota by myself would have been a challenge. You guys did most of the work. I just tried to smile and look skinny. Thanks again.

Thanks to my bride Kathy who went out with me the next morning to get some day pictures. You always do a fantastic job.

Update: Mike, my good friend and taxidermist, estimated this deer at either 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 years old based on tooth wear. For you scoring fanatics, my tape indicates a gross score around 170 with the broken tine. If I count the broken tine he gross scores 173 and some change. This is the first time I filled in the G7 measurement on a score sheet. Tine measurements were relatively short but the mass measurements totaled more than 40-inches.

Scott-2010-1.JPG (77812 bytes)

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Scott-2010-3.JPG (77186 bytes)

Scott-2010-4.JPG (55457 bytes)

Paul Scott

November 14, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa

Hello George
Thought I would share a buck I shot last Sun.
Got to my stand around 2:30 after work. No action until 10 min after sun set. I heard a grunt or two in the field to the west, there I see 3 or 4 does being followed by this guy. I grunt a couple times, the does slow and check it out then continue, so I snort wheezed and grunted and got him to stop and check it out but he started to go so I wheezed a couple times and grunted lightly 7 or 8 times. That did the trick, he crossed and started to come in at 25 yards or so I draw my bow but as luck would have it, my arrow comes off my string. Second time that happened that week. The 1st time cost me a very wide tall tined deer at 14 yards. He didn't notice and kept coming in and stopped at 14 yards. I got my arrow back on and waited until he turned. I drew back, aimed and released. The arrow hit right behind the shoulder and slams into the opposite shoulder, he takes off into the open field at around 80 yards, slows, gets wobbly legged and down he goes. Fun thing for me is this was the 1st year for me doing trail cameras and I had 2 pictures of him.
Thanks George for a very nice web site

2010 bow buck 1.jpg (60935 bytes)

Danny Miller

November, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa

At first light I saw him on top of the hill about 200 yards away. I grunted a few times which did get his attention. I hit the bleat can three times which sucked him into my tree stand. The "Rage 2 blade" sliced his liver like butter. He ran less than 100 yards and I was able to fill my freezer. Had butterfly steaks last night for supper and finished a fun bow season. Time to get the smoke pole out for late season. Very exited to hunt out of "The Slaughter House" late season. Also thanks to Brandon and Tom for helping me recover my deer and for taking the pictures.

Check us out at the Iowa Whitetail Deer Classic in February as we will have a booth displaying "The Slaughter House" or online at .


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Picture 050.jpg (40464 bytes)

Drew Baier

November 14, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa


My luck hasn't ran out yet. I only knew this buck existed from one series of pics of him in July 2010 and he was put at the top of the hit list. We never got another pic or saw him the rest of the summer until Nov. 7th my dad had a 2 hour encounter with him but was never presented a shot.

Then Nov.14th my dad and I decided both of us should sit in this small timber, and my dad generously suggested I sit in the stand we call old faithful. The wind was right for both stands, dad only saw a couple small bucks but on my end of the timber was a different story. At first light I saw this giant come within 60 yards of me and bed down all by himself directly up wind. When I saw the double crab claw I new it was him. He was bedded for 2-1/2 hrs before a small buck came in behind me and the big boy got up. He came north and cut within 35 yards. I drew on him then, but never had a clear shot. He walked out of range and rubbed a tree for about 5 minutes. I gave him a snort wheeze and here he came. I drew and he stepped into a 32 yd window and I smoked him. He was slightly quartering from me, He ran out of sight. We snuck out and gave him 4 hours. It was a short track job and I couldn't be happier that I got to share the moment with my dad.

This is my best bow buck by far. He grossed 163 and as you can tell from the trail cam photo he has busted off at least 15-20 inches. I wish he wasn't busted up but at least I know what he was. He is still a Booner in my book.

During the 4 hour nervous wait my dad took me to check a couple cameras to keep me from going crazy, and guess who finally showed up on Nov. 10th. Thanks to my dad and my buddy Jeff for all their help


Jackson-2010.jpg (103205 bytes)

Dean Jackson

November 2010

Somewhere in Iowa

I called this buck in from a 120 yards using my mouth to make a snort-wheeze call. He turned around and came in all bristled up and stiff legged, his tongue was licking his nose wildly and his ears were laid back. I stopped him at 11 yards for the shot and he ran 60 yards paused then crumbled. There was some ground shrinkage for me as he was smaller bodied deer than I thought, not 250 but about 200 pounds field dressed. He was mature with fair mass and thought he was the boss in the area.
Mzee Bwana Hodari Kidogo Sana (Dean)

Albers-1.jpg (50326 bytes)

Albers-2.jpg (53726 bytes)

Albers-3.jpg (69649 bytes)

Dave Albers
October 17, 2010
Somewhere in Iowa

Hey, just a quick note to let you know that my early muzzleloader hunt was a success!

The hunt opened on Saturday and this beefy 5 x 5 buck was taken Sunday night with just 5 minutes to spare.

Shot at 15 yards with my Knight Predator center fire muzzleloader. Thank you to my friend Gary for helping me take it out.

Thanks Gary!


Hunting pic-fall pic 026.jpg (105627 bytes)

Hunting pic-fall pic 029.jpg (127008 bytes)

Hunting pic-fall pic 031.jpg (115293 bytes)

Chris Kitt
October 2010
Somewhere in Iowa

Hi George,
Here some pictures of the deer I got last
weekend, It's nice to put some meat in the freezer.
Only a yard shot.
Thanks, Chris

Olberding-2010.JPG (64060 bytes) Drew Olberding
October 15, 2010
Somewhere in Iowa

First night out this season, 10-year old Drew shot his first buck with a Matthews Mission Bow. It was a big 8 pointer. He was really excited to have another success picture posted on your website.


IMG_1832.jpg (81378 bytes)

IMG_1835.jpg (68211 bytes)

PICT1602.jpg (49678 bytes)

PICT1630.jpg (47315 bytes)

PICT2099.jpg (31746 bytes)


Will Pingrey

September 26, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa


Here are some pics of Will's buck. I will send a couple trail cam pics also. My photos don't do him justice. Bases are huge, his beams are heavy, just a big old buck. Story for PI is this.

Will shot this nice buck during the Iowa youth season on September 26th during an evening hunt. We were in a ground blind overlooking a food plot when this buck stepped out. Will made a nice 100 yard shot with the T/C Pro Hunter and we actually were able to drive the pickup right to the buck.

Gross score 164.


DSCN2890.jpg (67216 bytes)

PICT0501.jpg (33509 bytes)

PICT0529.jpg (71570 bytes)


Peyton Clipperton

September 24, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa

Peyton Clipperton, age 9 shot this outstanding buck on September 24th during an evening hunt with his father, Daniel. Peyton used a T/C Omega 50 caliber to make a great 160 yard shot on this bruiser. Peyton and his dad were in the woods for approximately 5 minutes when this buck stepped out to feed.

The buck is a main frame 6X5 with several stickers and he had half his left G4 broke off already.

Levi's deer.jpg (29091 bytes)

deer_Page_1.jpg (16692 bytes)

Levi Pingrey

September 19, 2010

Somewhere in Iowa


Summary of my son's hunt: Iowa’s youth season, 60 yard shot with a T/C Pro Hunter 50 caliber. Levi has taken many does in his young hunting career but this is his first buck. Levi has had opportunities in the past to shoot big bucks but between falling asleep while on stand or hanging out with his friends, something always seems to interfere. He made the most of his first chance this season by tagging out in the first hour and a half. Now if my oldest son, Will, can connect I will be accepting handouts to help pay the taxidermy fees. Oops, scrap that last sentence, taking handouts would make me a Democrat, I think I will just get a second job to help pay the bills and maintain my Republican status.

Gross score 161.


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