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March 7, 2021

New year. Mega changes. Great new job. Great people. My archery dojo is reorganized. Bow tuning is going great. Weather is getting warmer. Found my first shed. Can't believe one of my YouTube videos has somewhere around 21,000 views. Holy smokes! People like their Iowa whitetails I guess. That buck is dead by the way.

Today's lesson is about courtesy and ethics. Some people think it is OK to search for sheds on property others lease to hunt. It is perfectly legal to do that in some cases unless the lease is written in a way that prohibits it, but is it ethical? I say no. What about courtesy? I say inconsiderate. Shame on your parents for not teaching you about courtesy, respect and doing what is ethical. My life is about doing what I believe is right and treating everybody with dignity and respect. I hope everybody learns to do that.

Whitetail antlers drive people crazy. When it comes to doing what is right, others seem to let Iowa's white gold influence their decision. Mind the fences and research ethics if this is the first time you've heard of the word.

Have a good one. GP out.


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