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February 9, 2020

Took down four treestand sets yesterday. That was work. Looked for a few sheds. Found one. Still plenty of crunchy snow in the timber. Crunchy snow makes it hard walking and the snow cover makes it tough to easily see a shed antler. Checked some south facing slopes but 50% snow covered in my area yet. The cell cameras haven't been sending many buck pictures as of late. They've moved to better winter food areas.

Watched a lot of ATA videos the last month. Lots of new products especially cell camera stuff. If you are in the market, I sure would checkout some of the new products before buying old, new stock.

Have been in the basement a lot the last month getting a bunch of shooting reps. Using the Silverback, back tension release for most of the reps. I installed the sight plate 'recall' on my RX3 Ultra. Just about had a disaster when the torx screw stripped. Had to break out the drill. Got it out.

Looking to go heavier with my arrow setup this year. Ordered some new 300 spine arrows yesterday. Not sure what the final weight will be, just know it will be quite a bit heavier. Also looking at some heavy duty fixed blade broadheads.  Single bevel possibly. Lots of options out there.

Shot the new Hoyt Axius Ultra last weekend....for the second time. Draw was smooth as glass. Not sure I should have shot that bow? Credit card might get some major damage in the next month or so.

Have been looking at replacing my Pure 75 MBG sight on the RX3 due to weight. It's heavier than I want due to the having all the cool micro adjust tools. Will most likely stay with the MBG as they are built very well and the pins are quite bright. Would still like to maintain the 3rd axis adjustability but probably going to punt on micro adjust to try and drop one to two ounces of weight. It doesn't sound like much but seems to make a difference.

Lots of equipment related stuff going on right now. One new toy is the Ridgetec cell camera. This camera is a picture taking machine and the batteries seem to be in great shape which can be a problem for cell cameras. So far, so good. Pixilated day photos seems to be an issue but not a deal breaker.

Some nice bucks survived the January 10 date but nothing that was exceptional in 2019. Will need to see what 2020 brings. Always dreaming of a buck of a lifetime but reality is there just are not many exceptional bucks around.


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